NDC Courses

National Defence College

National Defence Course (ND Course)

Aim of the Course

To prepare selected senior officers of the armed forces, the civil services and the allied countries for taking higher responsibility in the direction and management of national security and development.

Objectives of the Course


  • To enhance course members’ knowledge on higher level national security and defence issues and matters affecting national policy.
  • To reinforce course members’ understanding of Bangladesh institutions and society.
  • To enhance course members’ understanding of the factors that influence national policy making.
  • To develop course members’ strategic vision.
  • To improve course members’ personal qualities, individual skills and interpersonal relationship.


Course Duration

The Course is of 47 weeks duration and is distributed into four (04) studies. Each study consists of 10-12 weeks.

Course Curriculum

National Defence Course is a multidisciplinary course tailored to suit the stated aim and the objectives. The 11 month long course is divided into four studies. Each study is 10 to 12 weeks long, concentrating on related key aspects. The theme moves from Bangladesh to global issues and to international relations. It focuses on analysis of Bangladesh’s National Security and a look into the future. Course curriculum include visits and tour programmes, designed to support the studies. An outline of the studies are:

Study 1 : The Socio-Political Environment of Bangladesh

The study includes an examination of the nation state system, key social issues in Bangladesh such as education, democracy, governance, religion, poverty alleviation and demography. The study is conducted in two phases. Phase-1: The Nation State and Phase-2: The Socio-Political Issues. A module on ‘Managing Defence in Wider Security Context and Strategic Leadership Package’ is included in this study. An Adjunct module on ‘Research’ is also included in this study.

Study 2: Economy and Development

This study includes an n-depth analysis and evaluation of the economy of Bangladesh, its position in the world and future prospects of national development. It has also two phases. Phase-1: Economy of Bangladesh and Phase-2: Development Prospects of Bangladesh.

Study 3: International Politics, Global Issues, Regional and Country Studies

Study-3 includes an overview of the world today, the differing national perspectives, current challenges to international society and how they are being dealt with, an investigation of the domestic and foreign policies of the countries having significant bearing on the national security of Bangladesh. This study is also conducted in two phases. Phase-1: International Politics, Institutions and Global Issues and Phase-2: Regional and Country Studies. An adjunct module namely ‘Art of Negotiation’ is also included in this study.

Study 4: National Security of Bangladesh

The study is an examination of the domestic situation, foreign policy objectives and interplay of the principal countries of the region to give course members a detailed appreciation of Bangladesh’s security environment. It has also two phases. Phase-1: Global, Regional and National Security and Phase-2: Bangladesh’s Security Environment. A strategic level planning game namely ‘Exercise Roadmap’ is conducted in this study which brings everything together as the finale of the course.


On successful completion of the course, the esteemed course members are awarded with the post-nominal symbol ‘ndc’ through a graduation ceremony held in a grand setting. It is usually graced by the Head of the Government or Head of the State.