Armed Forces War Course (AFWC)

National Defence College

Armed Forces War Course

The Armed Forces War Course (AFWC) is a joint services course which focuses on operational level planning and conduct of war. The 45-weeks Course is divided into four terms. Each term is of 10 to 12 weeks.

Aim of the Course

To prepare selected armed forces officers of Bangladesh for taking higher command and staff responsibilities.

Objectives of the Course

The broad objectives of the course are:

  • An understanding of the current and potential security and strategic environments within international, regional and national contexts and of evolving military thoughts.
  • An enlarged understanding of comprehensive national power, the relationship between political and strategic objectives to formulate military strategy, and their linkage to the achievements of objectives at operational level.
  • A deeper understanding of operational art to develop operational strategy.
  • A common understanding of the employment of conventional and unconventional forces and logistics environment, and their integration at the operational level.
  • A deeper understanding of leadership, staff, management and research skills necessary for the higher assignments.
  • An understanding of the employment of armed forces in national development and non-traditional security issues.


The course comprises of selected Armed Forces officers of Bangladesh of the rank of Colonel/Lieutenant Colonel and equivalent.

Course Curriculum

The AFWC curriculum is aimed at developing the thinking process of the course members towards planning and execution of warfare at the operational level.

Faculty and Staff

The wing is headed by a Chief Instructor of the rank of Brigadier General. Twelve Directing Staffs of the rank of Brigadier General/Colonel and equivalent from the three services are dedicated for the course.