National Defence College

Capstone Course

The Capstone Course on National Security and Strategic Studies at National Defence College, Bangladesh, is designed to enhance knowledge, skills and networks related to multilateral security cooperation in Bangladesh among senior law / policy makers, security- practitioners, judges, executives, civil society representatives, senior military officers, media personalities, entrepreneurs and other distinguished personalities of the society. The course intends to provide a unique platform to the distinguished participants to share their views and experiences with a view to creating a common understanding of national security and development. It helps to stimulate strategic analysis and to understand major security trends and challenges of the century taking into account both internal dynamics and the external influences. During the discourse, endeavors are made to create ideas to enhance capacity building, conflict resolution and crises management for both internal and external matters on security and development related issues. Additionally, the course encourages improving individual leadership skill in critical thinking, communication, co-operation, collaboration and decision making in complex and critical security environment.

Aim of Capstone Course

The aim of the course is to enable higher level leadership / elites of various strata / segments of the society to have common understanding of major challenges to national security and development of Bangladesh.