Lieutenant General Md Akbar Hossain, SBP, BSP, SUP (BAR), afwc, psc, G+, PhD

National Defence College

Biography of Lt General Md Akbar Hossain, SBP, BSP, SUP(BAR), afwc, psc, G+, PhD

1.         Lt General Akbar Hossain was commissioned in the Regiment of Artillery on 20 December 1985 with 13th BMA Long Course. At present he is serving as Commandant, National Defence College (NDC), Mirpur with effect from 14 January 2021.

2.         The General has spent an illustrious and eventful 36 years in an untiring service to the Armed Forces and the Nation. The General is a Ph.D. from Jahangirnagar University. The General has also undergone numerous professional courses, both at home and abroad. He is a graduate from Defence Services Command and Staff College. Besides, The General has also completed the Armed Forces War Course from National Defence College. He also completed officers Gunnery Staff course. The General has also attained International Intelligence Fellow Program from National Intelligence university of USA.

3.         As a Commander, the General was always admired for the empathy and dynamism he exhibited. His command portfolio is rich with the experience of commanding an Infantry Division, an Independent Air Defence Artillery Brigade and an Air Defence Artillery Regiment.

4.         In his colourfol career, the general has held various staff appointments in different HQ. He has served as a Brigade Major of a Brigade and General Staff Officer-1 (GSO-1) in Bangladesh Military Academy. He also served as General Staff Officer-1, Colonel General Staff, and Detachment Commander in Director General of Forces Intelligence. He was the Director General of DGFI.

5.         As an instructor, the General served in the Tactics Wing of School of Infantry and Tactics. He was Commandant, Defence Services Command and Staff College before joining as Commandant, National Defence College.  

6.         Lt General Akbar has been awarded with "Senabahini Padak” (SBP), the highest distinguished service medal, and also "Sena Utkorshota Padak" twice for his relentless service and dedication to the Army and the Nation.

7.         The widely travelled person, Lt General Akbar, has travelled to all continents of the world.

8.         He is married and the proud father of a son and a daughter.