Commandant's Opening Address - NDC 2017

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Course Members of the National Defence Course 2017

Members of the Faculty

Staff Officers

Ladies and Gentlemen


Assalamualaikum and a very good morning.


  1. National Defence College has come back to life once again with the delightful arrival of the Course Members of National Defence Course 2017. I, as the Commandant of this College, am extremely happy to see that. With great joy and pleasure, I heartily welcome you all to the College formally.I would rather say it is your homes for next one year or so. Together, we are a family. Like all home we have certain shortcomings and limitations but there is no dearth of warmth in our hearts. Welcome to your home; be a part of NDC in every way possible. Your steps and murmur in the corridor of NDC will make our home alive again.


  1.  The National Defence College is indeed a unique institution. For last 18 years the College has been training and educating leaders, both military and civilian, home and abroad, who have gone on to work at respective organizations and commands, as well as in the related diplomatic and military fields in their respective nations.


  1. National Defence Course, in short NDC, is a highly prestigious course and is recognized across the globe. This strategic-level course ensures that the graduates have a firm grasp of the new challenges that may affect our future security. Furthermore, our method of instruction helps graduates develop the human interoperability skills that are necessary to function successfully in a multinational environment. Most advanced and many developing countries conduct such courses for their senior military and civil officials. It is understandable that ,those with better calibre and potentials are nominated for a course of this standing .Therefore, I congratulate each one of you for being selected for the course. 


  1. In this winter of 2017, we have our Allied Course Members, this time 28 Ambassadors representing 13 friendly countries. The countries are – Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Niger, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka ,Tanzania and USA . I extend a very hearty and special welcome to all allied course members present at the College. My special thanks to the government of Indonesia, Niger and USA for believing in the standard of NDC and sending their Pioneer participants in NDC Bangladesh. In this course, we also have 15 participants from Civil Services of Bangladesh. We are glad to have 02 female members in this course. Alongside our allied and civil course members, we have 39  participants from Bangladesh Armed Forces which includes 29 from Bangladesh Army, 05 from Bangladesh Navy and 05 from Bangladesh Air Force. Warm welcome to all of you.


Dear Allied Course Members,


  1. We are extremely delighted to have you with us and looking forward to your whole hearted participation and intimate interaction, both intellectually and socially .You have brought with you vast multitude of knowledge and experience. I am sanguine that your participation will add new perspective and angle to the studies. I hope the course would benefit greatly from your expertise and wide experience .We would be looking forward to building an enduring friendship and lasting relationship with you all as we did in the past.




Dear Civil Service Course Members,


  1. I extend a very hearty welcome to you all. The policy issues studied in the course are fields of practical operation for you. Your enthusiastic and sustained participation and contribution in the studies and the course activities can bring new insights and approaches towards resolving difficult national problems. I am confident of your whole hearted engagement in all College activities including the social programmes.


Dear Armed Forces Course Members,


  1.  Being part of the Armed Forces you are more acquainted and accustomed with our customs and conducts – I urge upon you all to make all others feel at home. I am certain and feel confident that you will feel - you are one entity no matter where you come from. This course equips you with required knowledge and vision to perform better in higher command and will help you in strategic level decision making. Please be informed that it does not anyway guarantee your elevation to higher rank, Because NDC qualification is not yet a criteria for elevation to higher rank.


  1. Although National Defence College is staffed and administered largely by the military personnel, it is a national institution .This College is the domain of both civil and military personnel from home and abroad. I would like to see this spirit and feeling amongst all of you not only during your stay here but also in future days.


Dear Course Members,


  1. Now, I shall very briefly talk about the National Defence College and the National Defence Course. The College was established in the year 1998 with the motto “Security Through knowledge.” The vision of the college is “to be the premier national centre of excellence on defence, security, strategy and development studies.” The first National Defence Course commenced in 1999.Participation of foreign course members began in year 2003.



Ladies and Gentlemen,


  1. To fulfil the course objectives the College would provide you ample opportunity to have an in-depth look at the issues and challenges confronting Bangladesh in particular and the region &world in general. Institutions of Bangladesh and of some selected countries those are related with national security and development will be examined thoroughly to get a functional feel of the state of the affairs and take lessons there from.


  1. As you all know, security of a nation today does not rest on military power alone. Rather it is increasingly dependent upon her stability, prosperity and the overall state of national power. In the recent times, we have witnessed failing of nation-states in different parts of the world .This was because; they crumbled from within as a result of internal conflicts and weak governance .The internal dimension of security today is equally important like that of the external one. Therefore, the socio-political, economic and geo-strategic environments in which nation state operates occupy a major portion of our study.


  1. The world today has become a global village. In the era of globalization and inter-dependency, all nations have to operate within the regional and global system. Transnational issues like proliferation of small arms and drugs, illegal migration, international terrorism, environment and eco-system degradation have serious ramification for security and stability of nation states individually and collectively. These issues are incorporated in the curriculum and are accorded with deeper analysis.


  1. Today, geo-economics has assumed greater importance .Traditional diplomacy alone is no more sufficient to deliver the desired result. Therefore, economic diplomacy has become an important focus today. During the last three decades China, India and many others in the globe have emerged as economic power-houses. Progress of Bangladesh in this field, although considerable, is yet far behind these countries. During the course you will have the opportunity to examine as to why this has been so and form your own ideas as to what should be done in regards to your respective countries.


  1. World bodies, international communities and organizations, International financial institutions, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and media today play an increasingly important role in our national and global life. We need to understand these bodies, organizations and institutions also. During the course, you will have the unique opportunity to interact and discuss many important issues with the resident functionaries of global and regional bodies and Ambassadors or High Commissioners of various countries resident in Bangladesh.


Dear Course Members,


  1. In sum, the curriculum of National Defence Course is diverse and comprehensive. The issues of development and national security are considered holistically and in its ever expanding dimensions. The course is designed to broaden your intellectual capacity and to develop in you the vision required to provide effective and knowledge based leadership at strategic level.


  1.  The College has adapted to meet the challenges of the new security environment. Its main concern has always been to give its course members a broad and open-minded vision of political and security problems. It has actively encouraged them to find new answers to the major questions of our time. These days, more than ever, we need military and civilians with keen political instincts and considerable diplomatic skills. More than ever, we require officers gifted with the talent of improvisation, able to communicate, able to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. And more than ever, we need people who think alike, officers who share the same fundamental ideas and who are not just able, but actually pre-disposed, to finding new approaches to new problems.


  1.  I would like to remind you the importance and justification of our college Motto-“Security Through Knowledge”. Please remember this in your journey of knowledge and prepare yourselves to ensure the security of your nation.


  1. To our friends from abroad, although the course has Bangladesh focus, I can assure you that you will also find it relevant to your context. Many of the issues and challenges faced by your country and the regional and global environment in which your country operates have many things in common with that of Bangladesh. Therefore, you will have the distinct advantage of comparing the two-yours and ours, and then draw the appropriate lessons. I am sure it will be a very special learning for all of you.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


  1. National Defence Course is a high profile Course. We get the very best of Bangladesh as our resource persons. This includes leading and renowned academics, members of independent think tanks, professionals, politicians, functionaries, theoreticians and practitioners. We also get the speakers & scholars from all over the world that happens to be in Bangladesh during your course. We get the views and perspectives from both inside the Government and from the outside .The course is generally self-guided, but the Senior Directing Staffs will assist you in setting your goals and assessing your progress.


  1. The course is not much, as learning something new, but adding depth to the knowledge you already have. It aims in developing your analytical powers and inculcating in you the balanced view and widening strategic vision. The lectures and presentations are meant to set the scene and stimulate discussions. Questions and views rendered by the course members are one of the most important aspects of the learning process. Everybody’s views are considered important; therefore we would expect more of ideas than questions during the interactive session.


  1. National Defence Course is a non-attributable Course. You are free to express your opinions without any reservation following the norms and decorum. No one is to refer what is discussed in-house to anyone outside attributing anyone .This applies equally for all course members, faculty and resource persons. I shall request all of you to abide by this norm strictly in the interest of free and frank discussion.



Dear Course Members,


  1. I request and desire your whole hearted participation and meaningful contribution in all the events of the College. However, to make your participation and contribution meaningful, you would need to undertake fair amount of in-depth study for each module. Further, you would also need to undertake group and individual research works as part of the course curriculum. I expect that your research submissions would be of high quality.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


  1. We also expect you to establish a lasting bond of friendship with one another. These friendships will bring you joy, broaden your horizon and make you truly global citizens. We are all alike. Our humanity is bigger than all the forces of division and negativity. I am sanguine that there shall be no better time and opportunity than the next 11 months for these intellectual and self development quests for each one of you. I hope you will make full use of this.


Dear Course Members,


  1.  I know you have already been apprised on important administrative aspects through the Course Joining Instruction. Time to time, the staff will also apprise you on other administrative details. I am aware of the administrative difficulties those you might be facing during your course. College authority will always try to assist you in solving your administrative needs within the parameters of existing realities and resource constraints. We would always take your suggestions and would consider them for future development of the course and the institution.


  1.  I earnestly desire you to enjoy the course in a friendly and conducive environment. Let this be a memorable period of your life. I wish all of you a good start and a fruitful year. I also wish you and your family an enjoyable and happy year with us. I am sure, on completion of the course you all will be happy and proud to say that you have attended a most coveted course in an international ambience in Bangladesh. At the end I wish you all a very happy, fruitful and memorable stay at your home, National Defence College for next one year or so.


I now declare the National Defence Course 2017 open. May Almighty bless us all.


......wishing all a memorable experience and rewarding journey through the sea of knowledge  and wisdom



Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen.